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Like most good ideas the Set-n-go Trapper™ Trap Stabilizer was born out of seeing a problem and then brainstorming to find a solution. Of course, out of that came lots of different ideas about the best way to stabilize a conibear/bodygrip trap.   

The Set-n-go Trapper™ Trap Stabilizer is not a gimmick or a flash in the pan idea. Our hope is to change the face of body-grip stabilizations forever.


CAUTION !!!!!!

Keep out of the reach of children!

Always use common sense. This is a non-selective trap.

Never set this trap where there is ANY danger of catching a non-targeted animal.

"I do not like to admit my age, but I am a 75- year-old widow and I am able to set your trap!!!

I have been successful at trapping 3 groundhogs!

THANK YOU, Thank you"


My first time setting your trap and had it over the groundhog hole for about 1/2 an hour and caught it.  It was going back and forth between two holes today, that were about 100 feet apart.

I set it over the hole that would be easiest to set the trap over. I waited until it was in the other hole, and when it came out and started heading to the hole with the trap I clapped my hands, so it would freak out and ran headlong into the hole, and I caught it!!

Looks like a classic kill, right around it's neck. LOL!

I can't believe it.  I've been trying to catch it for a few years with a HAVE A HEART, but it was too suspicious.

Thanks for making a great product!! WOO HOO! My next-door neighbor wants me to try to get the one under his shed."


"Thanks for fast shipping, it arrived already today. Your company was recommended to us from a friend and we will be recommending you as well. Thanks again!"


"Thank you so much, 

what a great company to deal with!!

Will definitely recommend your fast service!"


"You are going to get a ton of business from us! 

You are in my will!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"


"I ordered your Set-N-Go earlier last week. I received it yesterday and set it in place before I made dinner last night.

I went out today, less than 24-hours later and the groundhog in my garden is no more. Very easy! Very effective!


My mother received your trap this week. I was worried that perhaps we waited too long in the season to try to catch our critter, but we set your trap yesterday around noon and this morning we had him!!  Easy to use, easy to dispose and ready for next year!  Great product!!


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